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In order to obtain an account for Accessify Forum, it is necessary to tell us your reason for applying, which will be reviewed by the team, and a decision made on whether an account will be allowed.

This measure was implemented in September 2015, after 13 years of open registration, and much dealing with the resulting spam. We decided that changing the account registration process would free up our time to concentrate on the discussion, rather than dealing with dozens of daily spam posts.

All we are looking for in applications is a genuine interest/involvement in accessibility. If you are already a seasoned professional, than perhaps just pointing us to your website/LinkedIn profile/blog etc. will be enough. If you are new to accessibility, or don’t have anything you can easily point us to, then just tell us a bit about your interest in joining. Whatever you feel is appropriate to tell us will more than likely be fine. Brief answers are perfectly acceptable.

If you would prefer to discuss this before deciding whether to apply, then please contact our administrator.

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Policy on Links in Signatures

Signatures may only contain links to web pages with which your are directly associated, in terms of it being your actual place of work, or a personal site or profile, or a project related to web accessibility in which you are directly involved. Links to web pages which you work on or belong to a client are not allowed.

Basically we ask that you use common sense. Your signature is there to identify yourself and your relevant place of work, and not to advertise. Multiple links to the same URL are not allowed and may be removed without notification.

If you have any queries about this then please contact our administrator who will be more than happy to advise you on the suitability of your signature.

Signatures are not displayed until the mods/admin feel confident that you have a genuine interest in the discussion. Please accept our apologies for this, but we have found it necessary to combat spam.

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Sends an e-mail when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post.
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This setting defines the way dates are displayed in most areas of the forum while you are logged on; such as for posts and threads. The syntax used is identical to the PHP date() function. However, a pre-defined set has been offered based on what was configured by forum users between 2003 and 2013; since it was easy to get it wrong before, as many did. If the date format you want is not shown here then just contact the administrator who can easily add it for you.

The actual PHP date format strings offered are as follows:

1d M Y h:i a
2d M Y G:i
3D d M, Y g:i
4D d M, Y G:i
5D d M, Y g:i a
6D d M, Y G:i a
7D M d, Y g:i a
8D M d, Y G:i
9D M d, Y G:i a
10D j M Y G:i
11j M Y G:i:s
12jS F Y H:t
13l F j Y
15M d, Y g:i a
16M d Y h:i a
18Y-m-d H:i:s O
19Y m d, H:i
20Y/M/d h:i a